Online Convenience Pays Off

lotterySome people who have only occasionally played the lottery have come out as major winners. That is certainly the case for Cassey Carrington, a young Nottinghamshire woman who won £45m just after setting up an online account because she felt lucky. Up until then she had only occasionally bought a ticket. She had just received a bonus at work and suddenly felt lucky.

Lucky Tuesday
Cassey and her partner Matt Topham didn’t feel so lucky one Tuesday when their computer and washing machine both broke down at the same time. They were already preparing for their wedding and starting to do some things themselves such as invitations and place names rather than spend more money. That apparently unlucky day was the day when their numbers came up just as they were wondering how they would get their things fixed.

They didn’t sleep that night; they were certain that they had won but couldn’t claim until the next morning. Suddenly their upcoming wedding which was stretching their budget could be expanded with their new found good fortune.

They’d often dreamed about a new house and now they were in a position to buy the key to the doors of many houses in the UK. They didn’t want more than one of course but the start of their married life together suddenly took on a new complexion.

Life changing
There is no doubt that a large lottery win is life changing. Some people still go to their local store on a regular basis as a matter of routine; others buy casually as and when the lottery comes to mind. You cannot win it if you are not in it of course. If the casual gambler who uses the same numbers every time actually missed the week when his or her numbers came up, what would they think? It does not bear thinking about but it could happen.

The solution is an account with someone like whereby entry is automatic. It is just a matter of setting up a totally secure payment system with the company and the entry will be in every time.

Such accounts are purely personal and no one can get unauthorised access. There is not even any need to check because winnings would be put into the account automatically. There is every likelihood that someone who has an account would keep an eye on it of course.

Anyone can win; there had been another large winner in Nottingham just weeks before so obviously people start with an equal chance. Imagine if Cassey had thought she wouldn’t bother for a while because Nottingham can’t be lucky again so soon; thankfully, she didn’t and now her life has changed completely.

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