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Casino Gambling is a fun game, just like getting free stuff. Getting cash from complimentary items or free services (comps) at casinos using your slots or table game play is a benefit which most casinos provide. Although many different casinos are offering free services, you don’t have to tip the dealers. If you are playing games at a casino with less money, your casino will give back somewhere between 10-15% of your losses as comps. Different casinos use different tracking systems, but the software is usually automated to turn your average bet and play time into dollars which you will  [ Read More ]

Casino War can be called as the most simple casino game. The game is reminiscent of the children’s card game in which each player is comparing one card with another card. Card with the highest value will wins. Cards are rated according to their values, with the lowest value and the highest value for the two aces. Casino War is usually played by one to six people with a standard of 52 decks (cards), and the deck is randomized by alternating each hand. Online Casino War is basically adopt Casino War game. The only difference is online Casino War can  [ Read More ]

You can search the best online casinos and Canadian gaming news on gamingpost.caon your desktop, laptop or mobile device and play your favourite games for real money prizes at your personal convenience. offers a variety of ways in which you can play your favourite games, giving you the opportunity to gamble online for real money prizes in a way that meets your personal needs and expectations. To start playing, sign into your favourite online casino real money website on your browser and navigate to the registration page. Submit your name and email address and submit it. The casino will  [ Read More ]

With every passing day, Internet is spreading and the number of net citizens is increasing in every corner of the globe. Keeping in tune with this growing trend, the number of players playing online casinos is also on the rise as it is considered to be a great source of entertainment. Casinos are of different types and people play them as per their suitability and spare time on each day. Let us now have a look at the different types of online casinos which are available in the market. It will help you to know which particular type may suit  [ Read More ]

Jan - 28 - 2015

Tips On How To Play Poker

Online poker is an exciting game¬†performed over the Internet and it is credited for having caused an increase in the variety of individuals enjoying online poker all over the world. Some of them have become millionaires from enjoying online poker. You too could become rich if you simply study online poker. The experience thrives on the concept of using your cash to acquire more cash. In order to perform, you will need to have some cash that you will use to register and perform. Playing online poker has been a favorite pastime for many individuals throughout the centuries, and it  [ Read More ]