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To be a successful poker player, you are going to need to be plenty observant as there are ample scenarios to watch for in the game. This is especially true in online poker as staring down your monitor is much different than staring down your opponent.

While your surroundings may not be the same when playing online, there are still tells to pick up on and situations to avoid, just as if you were at the felt.

Being able to identify these situations is critical to your success as an online poker player, as well as your overall bankroll. Not to worry as we are here to help. So, before you play your next hand of online poker, be sure you watch for these five things to improve your odds of walking away a winner.

A Good Site

If you are playing online, you’re going to want to be logged in to a strong online poker site. The internet being what it is these days, your options are limitless when it comes to online poker.

There are so many sites, games and tournaments to choose from, and, unfortunately, many online poker players do not adequately research this factor. There are many things to look for on an online poker site.

You want plenty of player types, a fast interface, and promotions and bonuses. It’s easy to find some of these things but can be tougher to find all three at one time.

Be sure to read plenty of online reviews and research all the bonuses you can before jumping in with both feet.

A Weaker Opponent

Now that you’ve found a good site to use, you are going to want to find some weak opponents. After all, you aren’t going to make money betting against better players. You need some lower-level players in the mix.

Remember the old saying, “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you’re the sucker.” To be able to identify weaker opponents, it is going to take some time because it is simply a matter of checking your ego.

Know how much you are winning and losing. Track who is beating you consistently and who you are beating consistently. Once you’ve found a level you are comfortable in, stay there and pound weaker opponents.

Poker isn’t about winning accolades; it’s about winning money. If you aren’t playing weaker opponents, you aren’t going to be winning any money.

An Erratic Opponent

One type of player you will find in spades while playing online poker is the erratic opponent. Now, an erratic opponent is not necessarily a weaker opponent, although they are destined to lose their stack.

These are players with big bankrolls, making crazy plays, and constantly forcing the issue. They go all-in often. They bluff more often. They’ve seen too many movies.

That said, there is something to be said about being a fast and loose player. However, an erratic player is much different and much more dangerous.

The best advice on how to deal with an erratic opponent is to not even get involved with these players, especially when it comes to a showdown.

They have the habit of winning when they shouldn’t even though they will eventually lose it all.

Multi-Account Users

Online poker play invites a whole new type of trickery and deception. First, it is important to know that multi-account users are not as much of a problem as they used to be. However, that does not mean they still don’t exist.

Many moves have been made by the online poker platforms to limit or eliminate the advantages a multi-account user can have. However, if you ever suspect you are at a table with one, get out of there in a hurry.

The easiest way to detect this is to look for games with four or more players. Multi-account users’ real advantage comes when they are playing against one person, maybe two.

If you are at a table with four or more people, you’re probably in the clear.

Stack Size

Just as with in-person poker, stack size means a lot. Just by carrying a big stack, you are at a distinct advantage. Of course, since this is online poker we are talking about, stack size can tell us something about our opponents.

You’ll want to note the size of buy-ins available as you can tell what type of player you’re up against just by seeing their stack size. If a player has filled up their stack with one of the largest deposits, more often than not, this is a serious online poker player looking to play for some time.

If a player has a small stack size with an unusual amount of money in it, this is more often than not a recreational player jumping in for a few hands.

Again, knowing who you are playing is of the utmost importance, and stack size can tell you plenty about your opponents.

Post-flop Bet Size

Easily our favorite wager, the post-flop bet is a tell-tale sign and another easy way to spot recreational players. Most good online poker players will rarely bet less than half the pot post-flop in any cash game.

However, many weaker, recreational players will frequently bet much less, sometimes even just making the minimum bet amount. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the math of poker and is typical of players who are only playing the game for fun.

A good saying to remember: A good poker player plays to win, a weak poker player plays not to lose. The easiest way to tell if someone is simply protecting their stack is with the size of their wagers, and their post-flop bet size is the best indicator you can find.

Casino Gambling is a fun game, just like getting free stuff. Getting cash from complimentary items or free services (comps) at casinos using your slots or table game play is a benefit which most casinos provide. Although many different casinos are offering free services, you don’t have to tip the dealers. If you are playing games at a casino with less money, your casino will give back somewhere between 10-15% of your losses as comps. Different casinos use different tracking systems, but the software is usually automated to turn your average bet and play time into dollars which you will get in the form of meals or other resort amenities.

Check out how you can make free cash in a casino tournament.

1. No Deposit Bonuses

Some of the best online casinos offer free bonuses to new players without paying any amount to try out the games. You have to meet the bonus conditions for your winnings to be transferred to your cash account, which you can withdraw and take home or use it to continue gambling at the online casino.

A casino does not offer free lump sum or bonuses if there are no deposit free spins. You will have several free spins on a chosen slot game which doesn’t require any money deposit. Also, you don’t have to pay any amount for you to spin the reels of the slot machine. However, your winnings will go to your account then you can wager on the eligible games using bonuses.

2. Freeroll Online Casino Tournaments

To get a different method of winning money at an online casino, use the free rolls. Freeroll allows every participant to play the same game on a slot machine at the same time using the same starting chip stack. Only the players with the bigger remaining chip stacks at the end of the game will share the cash prize pool.

Casinos offering Freeroll online tournaments do not charge an entry fee for participating, although the winners receive free real cash. The money goes directly to your cash account, and you can withdraw it at your pleasure. Some online casinos will credit your winnings as bonuses from Freeroll tournaments which you can change to real cash for free.

3. Freebie Promos

If you visit various online casinos, you will notice that many of them offer no deposit bonuses, no deposit free spins to current players as well. No deposit bonuses are frequent during festive events such as Christmas, world cup, FIFA and so on. No deposit free spins are always available when launching a new slot machine. Most online casinos offer loyalty reward points in each unit staked in real money. If you accumulate points, you will redeem them as cash without rollover requirements.

Final Thought

If you want to win real money for free, let it be the first objective and not a long-lasting achievement. Learn the game first then you can deposit small cash. You can win more when you are enjoying the game and playing with liberty.

Though there are several online bookmakers which would provide you with a wide range of bonuses to play online casino games. This way it would be easy for you to save more money which you can increase the chances of winning more money by increasing the number of betting you choose by availing those bonuses.

Usually, whenever a player does his registration with a particular bookmaker site, a bonus would be provided to him which is nothing but the sum of money that can be used by the player for bets. So, the advantage which the player would get here is that he wouldn’t lose anything if he loses the betting. But if the player wins some amount through this betting then he would get only his winnings and the bonus would be returned back to the bookmaker. Both of them would get benefitted here.

Providing free bets as a bonus by the bookmakers would always be the best promotional way to attract new players. It can be seen that top bookmakers bonuses are very attractive.

It has got many advantages like:

  1. For the player:
  • It’s a risk- free betting.
  • Would be able to evaluate the betting opportunities with the new bookmaker.
  • Would get a chance to try a new betting strategy.
  • With the rise in competition, the bookmakers are trying to offer several types of bonuses at different stages.
  1. For the bookmaker:
  • It’s a great way to attract new players to their site.
  • Would help to retain the existing players.

The free bets and their benefits:

Usually, the player will be offered with free bets in the following cases:

  • When primarily registering at the website.
  • When player tops-up their account for the first time.
  • Whenever there is any particular event.
  • Once in a month or week.
  • Whenever they make their first bet through the mobile app.
  • In some cases, the bookmakers themselves decide when the free bets have to be provided to their players.

The bookmaker’s conditions over bonus:

A player needs to submit an application form in order to avail or withdraw the bonus amount. While offering top bookmakers bonuses, bookmakers would need certain details regarding registration, certain specified information, a deposit of a certain amount into their accounts etc. Before you withdraw the bonus amount it is important for you to understand that you need to follow the rules and regulations provided by the bookmaker. You have to play the games according to the conditions of the bookmaker.

Sometimes the bookmaker might insist the player bet with a certain amount which is not less than the specified amount. Only then you might become eligible in order to avail the bonus provided by the bookmakers. As these conditions have been determined by the bookmaker it would definitely show a great effect over the player’s choice as well. So, make sure to choose an online casino site which is reliable and which can provide you with wide options in casino games as well as can provide you with great deals and bonus at every stage of playing the casino games.

UK 49 is one of the most unique lotteries ever offered to the public in the UK. One of the most significant aspects of this lottery is that the draws take place twice a day, seven days a week. This makes it one of the most frequent prize distribution games currently available to the public in the UK and many other parts of the world.

The lottery is offered online as well, this helps people from different continents to take part and either bet or play in this lottery with syndicates. The lottery is especially famous in South Africa where people take part using the UK 49 website. In fact, some of the most popular betting websites in South Africa allow local residents to participate in UK bets using their online services. UK 49s draws are announced every day around noon and evening times. With government shifting its focus towards e-commerce transactions, lotteries in the UK are moving on online platforms as well.

Playing UK 49 Lottery Online With Other Syndicates

Did you know that UK 49 Lottery offers £ 1Million every week to the lucky winner of its jackpot prize? However, the odds of winning that prize is one in millions. Even the second prize winner is selected from a total which consists of more than 2 million people. Individuals taking their chances in the third, fourth, and fifth prizes have higher odds of winning. But these chances are quite rare as well. So, how do you increase the odds of winning a Uk49 lottery? Well, one of the most effective ways is to form your very own lottery syndicate.

How Lottery Syndicates Work

If you have a fair idea about UK 49s lotto, you will know that many people take part in this game by betting or playing online. Syndicates can be made online or in a contestant’s local community as well. Here is how they work:

  • A group of individuals gather together and purchase more than one ticket for a lottery.
  • These groups can be formed in the workplace, residential community, or amongst the family members.
  • The idea behind these groups of ‘syndicates’ is to collectively buy more lottery tickets. If any person in the syndicate wins the lottery, the prize will be equally distributed amongst all syndicate members.
  • So, how does syndicate help the whole group? The answer is quite simple, it increases the chances of winning for each person rather than winning nothing at all.
  • In the past, syndicates were formed by closed knitted people such as people working in the same department. The online lottery platforms have allowed users to form and manage syndicates quite easily.
  • In olden days, one person used to be responsible for collecting all the money from each member of the syndicate. The collector would then go to the lottery outlet and buy multiple tickets before keeping them at a secure place.
  • A great thing about the UK 49s lotto is that it allows people to create syndicates online. This means that you can create your own group on the UK 49 website. Once you purchase your e-tickets,you can leave the rest to the lottery management. If any of your group tickets wins, the prize will be allocated to your group and you can distribute it amongst yourselves as desired.

How is UK 49 lottery played

The UK 49 lottery is quite simple to play. The contestants have to choose a total of six numbers from a total of 49 numbers in the lottery. For this very reason, it is called the UK 49. If all six digits in a contestant’s number series match the lucky draw, they will win the jackpot prize. The prize money is reduced as the number of digits matched with the lucky draw decreases. If you are not able to match any of your numbers with that of the lucky draw, you lose your money in the game. People try their luck every now and then not just to earn money but to take part in one of the most celebrated events in human history.

Choosing the number for your play is also an interesting aspect of the game. Some people like to pick every digit in their six number series while others let the machine decide their fate. People who choose their own numbers usually take advice from their loved ones or consider a few numbers luckyfor them. Those who let the machines generate the numbers for them do so because they believe that lucky draw itself is completely random hence their choice of numbers should be random as well.

Betting on the UK lottery

Some people like to ‘bet’ rather than ‘play’ the UK 49 lottery. This means that they bet against the odds of a certain number or numbers to appear in the lucky draw. The bets are operated by either bookies or some concierge service. If a person bets on number 1 to appear in the lucky draw and the bookie suggests that the odds of that number appearing anywhere in the winning series are 1 to 100, the bet winner will get 100 dollars for every dollar he/she places on the bet. Although this is one of the purest forms of gambling, people suggest that betting helps increase the chances of winning a prize in a lottery.

People also suggest that lottery prediction is possible. However, there is no proof that can validate this theory. Lotteries have existed since the very beginning of the human age. It has helped people come closer and build strong bonds amongst themselves. The lottery is one of the easiest games to operate and technology has made it much easier for people to take part in it from anywhere in the world. People who win the UK 49 lottery are able to completely transform their lives, especially those who win it through syndicates. Winning through a syndicate not only earns you a lot of money, but it also helps you build strong relationships that last for a lifetime.

We all love nothing more than hearing winning advice, which is why this article is going to take you through some of the best proven changes which one can make to their online poker strategy and general play modes.

You can bet that the first step is obviously finding yourself a licensed poker room, where you can play online poker in the best way. Once you have the foundations laid out perfectly, you can now begin building upon your winning strategies and ambitions.

Starting from the Bottom  
It is important that you start with low-stakes poker games if you are a beginner to the online poker world. Even those that are used to playing high-stakes cash games in real life should definitely begin at this simple level of play.

A lot of adept real-life poker players believe that they can simply waltz into the higher echelons of online poker play, and that the transition will be smooth – not so. Online poker is quite different to physical poker in some integral ways, and the best way to learn such differences is through the least collaterally intensive game modes.

Obviously at this low level of play, your main objective is to get used to the nuances and intricacies of online poker. You will find that such details are not complex – at least a lower level. The key aspects which you need to keep an eye out for will evolve as you move up in the ladder of challenge and performance, and you must always maintain a learned and obsessively analytical eye whenever you play online poker.

Low-Stakes gives you the Win  
People need to start realizing that the best way to become good at high-stakes online poker is to become adept at low-stakes. Most of the leading online poker players today made sure that they had mastered low-stakes before moving onto the higher levels.

You can simply translate the expanded skill and experience base which you develop within the low-stakes arena into the high-stakes very easily, it is simply a matter of expanding and assimilating such a personal inventory for the more challenging sectors.

Getting Used to this New World of Play  
There are indeed some challenges to the transitioning poker player, one of the most common examples being the time-bank setting. You will not have as much time in an online poker game as you would in a real life one to decide your play.

While this may seem unfair to the novice player, you have to realize that games simply would take forever if every person was afforded the leisure of timeous decision-making in online gambling.

Especially in the tournaments, which host sometimes hundreds of players, there really is no alternative to the time-saving features of the time-bank feature. Either way, you can expect the bigger tournaments to span a good portion of the day, even with the time-bank.

Other things to get to grips with include the relevant betting features of your online gambling platform and its particular online poker channel, the cashier page, the format and design of the lobby, the rake-back offers, as well as the bonus services.

Again, you should remember to take everything slow and easy. Never be in a hurry to get to the more exciting parts of play, you really do need to get the technicalities of the online poker world under your belt before you can begin lining your pockets.

A Dazzling Pace  
Online poker is a digital game which moves at a far more rapid pace than that seen in brick and mortar casinos. You will generally see around twice as many hands played within an hour in an online game than you would in a physical one.

There really is no shame in feeling overwhelmed by such a high speed at first, and you will soon adjust to this rapid pace. You will get used to such speedy proceedings, and will very soon be able to keep up with the better player’s pace.

This accelerated level of play is going to improve your capabilities far greater than the comparatively leisurely cruising seen in brick and mortar casinos. Despite the speed, always remember to take things slow, and never skip the basics.